Safety & Wellness

Commitment to safety and wellness practices are essential to our success.
It’s not just a fad, it’s our number one priority. We walk the walk and here’s how.

Safety First

We train, we communicate, and we hold each other accountable—a safe working environment is our culture because it’s the right thing to do for our teammates and our loved ones.

Safety Reporting

Every teammate is expected to report any and all injuries and incidents including near miss incidents. In fact, we participate in the National Safety Council program dedicated to seeing and fixing workplace hazards. Spot it, Report it, Fix it!

Safety Responsibilities

At all levels of employment and in all departments, the expectation is familiarity and compliance with our written Code of Safe Practices and Procedures.

Safety Council

An advisory board representing all areas of the company to provide oversight and recommend policy and procedures that improve our safety and loss prevention program.


Health and wellness go hand in hand with creating a safe, fun, and rewarding work environment. We acknowledge the demanding pace of today’s business world and the daunting task people face due to mobile technology—where teammates are virtually connected 24/7. We believe innovative also means promoting a life work balance. We do the best we can to make wellness a staple of team members daily lives.

Wellness Committee

A group of company representatives focused on creating events and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. From organizing on-campus exercise classes to sponsoring lunch and learn speakers, this group makes wellness happen.

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