Our Story

For more than eight decades, the Shipley Group companies have provided customers
with the integrity and reliability of local service.

A Long History of Dedicated Service

For more than eight decades, Shipley Energy, a fourth generation family owned company located in York Pennsylvania, has provided customers with the integrity and reliability of local service. Shipley Energy is dedicated to providing caring relationships, outstanding customer service, and nurtures local community support.

Shipley Energy has transitioned from its origin in 1929 as ‘The Roosevelt Garage and Supply Company’ to a prominent energy supplier in the Mid-Atlantic region. Numerous mergers and acquisitions have set the stage for dynamic company growth, and Shipley Energy’s customer centric vision has helped propel the company to new heights.

Always looking forward, Shipley Energy continues to strengthen its position as the leading energy provider in the Mid-Atlantic region by hiring, training and developing the best people in the industry. People are the core strength of the company. The hard work and dedication of our team members make Shipley Energy the premier choice in the market.

Today, Shipley Energy is the largest locally owned provider of home heating energy in Central Pennsylvania. The company supplies both residential and commercial electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil and home heating and cooling services. Commercial and industrial services include industrial heating and cooling, wholesale fuels supply, and fleet fueling.

The company also operates the Tom’s Convenience Store chain. In addition, the Enterprise division operates Solar Secured Solutions which provides solar powered security monitoring products nationwide; as well as Ecogreen Tank Monitor, which provides solar powered, fuel tank monitoring solution for remote facilities and job sites.

We are proud of our long and dedicated service to our customers and neighbors in Central Pennsylvania. We are committed to our continuing objective of being a better energy company.

William Shipley III, Chairman
William Shipley III